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12/18/01 'Town' unwraps holiday cheer | read USA Today
12/16/01 Raymond's wife more than worthy in 'Christmas' | read Daily News
12/15/01 A chance to see a familiar TV face in a different role | read The Record
12/15/01 'A Town Without Christmas' Lacks the Jingle of Classic Holiday Movies | read LA Times
12/14/01 Bah, humbug: A pair of Christmas specials yule not mind missing | read Seattle PI
12/10/01 Her Role Forged In Petrie Dish | read New York Daily News
12/2001 Patricia Heaton stars in a new CBS film "A Town Without Christmas" | read Tribune Media Services
11/13/01 Patricia Heaton keeps grounded as accolades stack sky | read
11/08/01 Patricia Heaton hopes the show goes on indefinitely | read Parade Magazine 
11/03/01 Patricia Heaton sells, buys in Hancock Park | read
10/31/01 Family nest! Patricia Heaton puts her L.A. roost on the market | read Entertainment Weekly
10/01/01 Everybody Loves Patricia | read TV Guide
08/21/01 'Raymond's' Heaton Is $itting
Pretty | read
New York Daily News
07/18/01 Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn: Patricia Heaton | read Cyberalert
2001 Celebrity Decorating: Everybody Loves The Dinner Bell | read Homestore


11/10/00 It's Not Just about Raymond: TV's Heaton Talks about Her Family, Fame, Faith in Christ | read Crosswalk
09/09/00 Life Beyond Raymond: Compared to Motherhood, Playing a TV Wife Is a
Snap | read
ABC News

09/2000 Feminists for Life Congratulates Honorary Chair Patricia Heaton | read Feminists for Life 
09/2000 Celebrity Dish: Patricia Heaton | read Celebrity Dish
05/05/00 The Early Show: Patty Heaton Loves Raymond | read The Early Show
09/2000 Celebrity Dish: Patricia Heaton | read Celebrity Dish
02/28/00 TV Guide Chat: Patricia Heaton | read TV Guide
2000 Beauty Breakdown: Make-up for Patricia Heaton | read Make-Up Artist Magazine
2000 Fitness Fun: Patricia Heaton | read Private Training Magazine