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2006-01-04 03:33:00  Comment 
 Donna  Trash 
 Donna 1878


patricia heaton was and still is my favorite pretty and beautiful actor.

2006-01-03 17:40:48  Comment 
 Daniel  Trash 
 Daniel 1873

Helena (Sweden)  Email

I just want to thank you all for all the laughs you´ve given me!
I love your show, and you are all fantastic acters!
I will buy all the series on dvd, so that I can enjoy the serie for the rest of my life!

A big hug to all of you who have been envolved in "Everybody loves Raymond"!!

2005-12-30 03:10:29  Comment 
 Helena  Trash 
 Helena 1795

Karina (Florida)  Email

I LOVEEEEE ELR!! I think is an awesome shoe, i love the cast, they r soo funny! the finale was the best, i loved it! I think patty heaton is beautiful & talented!

2005-12-17 09:47:50  Comment 
 Karina  Trash 
 Karina 1530

jeff (tennessee)  Email

good luck to everyone and thanks for the laughs you shared with my family. we are looking forward to the laughs in the future so get busy,we love everyone... heaton is sexy!!!!

2005-12-11 06:47:23  Comment 
 jeff  Trash 
 jeff 1456

Antonino Ragusa (Montreal (Canada))  Email

I watch the re-runs 6 times a day.Always get a laugh when I watch this show.Thank you and good luck in the future plans.

2005-12-09 11:39:23  Comment 
 Antonino Ragusa  Trash 
 Antonino Ragusa 1444

Katelyn (Pennsylvania)  Email

I love Everybody Loves Raymond sooooo much!
It's hilarious! Always makes me smile! =D

Hard to believe it's ending, but every good thing comes to an end eventually...

I *heart* Raymond, Robert, Amy, Debra, Frank, and Marie!

2005-12-02 19:09:29  Comment 
 Katelyn  Trash 
 Katelyn 1398

Erica (PA)  Email  Homepage

Everybody Loves Raymond including me

2005-12-02 19:04:22  Comment 
 Erica  Trash 
 Erica 1397

sara (napa)  Email

The Engagement Ring is now my favorite movie.......but i thought that there should have been more action between Patricia and David...

2005-12-01 18:47:10  Comment 
 sara  Trash 
 sara 1391

Kevin Huntley (Asheville, NC)  Email

Thank God for TBS! I can watch from 7 - 8pm (EST) and after working during the day I, and my family, can sit down and laugh....real laughter at this wonderful show.

2005-11-29 06:55:48  Comment 
 Kevin Huntley  Trash 
 Kevin Huntley 1381

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