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A preview of the movie by Maria Antonietta Perna, currently at A World to Win:
Michael Apted’s film fully succeeds in conveying the emotional roller-coaster felt by the abolitionists during the ups and downs of the various stages of their fight, especially the tensions felt by Wilberforce himself as he is torn between […]

Variety reviews Amazing Grace

From the pages of Variety magazine, critic Eddie Cockrell has a favorable review of Amazing Grace:
Crisply told and sincerely thesped, Amazing Grace is a workmanlike costumer that distills Blighty’s long battle for the abolition of slavery and the personalities behind landmark antislavery legislation into a tidy story of conscience and perseverance. The […]

Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter on Amazing Grace:

The dullness of virtue infuses this historical story of the British MP who spent his life fighting the appalling institution of slavery in the British Empire. This is about as safe a historical/political topic as a filmmaker can tackle, where right and wrong […]