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The World Premiere Of Michael Apted’s Amazing Grace Closes Festival

The 31st Toronto International Film Festival closes with the world premiere gala Presentation of Michael Apted’s Amazing Grace tonight.

Here are some photos taken at the screening, pictured is screenwriter Steven Knight, actor Toby Jones (portrays Duke of Clarence), actress Romola Garai (portrays Barbara Spooner), and director Michael Apted.

Steven Knight Romola Garai and Toby Jones Toby Jones and Michael Apted Romola Garai

Link: Toronto International Film Festival: Amazing Grace screening

One Response to “Amazing Grace screens at the Toronto International Film Festival today”

  1. on 17 Sep 2006 at 5:29 am andrew jones

    i saw a preview of Amazing Grace and it looks great. Look forward to seeing it soon.

    Hope the preview in toronto goes well

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