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Our House
Genre: Drama (Telemovie)
Cast: Doris Roberts .......... Ruth
Judy Reyes ............. Billy
Ellen Geer ............... Rose
Jim Cody Williams ... Tunes
Stacy Solodkin ........ Dallas
E.J. Callahan ........... Max
Director: Mark Griffiths
Writing Credits: Michael Lach
Producers: Amy Goldberg, Robert Halmi Jr, Lincoln Lageson,
Larry Levinson, Nick Lombardo, Randy Pope
Production Cos: Alpine Medien Productions
Larry Levinson Productions
Premieres: Mar 25 2006

 The Plot
When Ruth Galloway (Doris Roberts) attempts suicide after the death of her husband, a chance encounter with Billy, a homeless woman who rescues Ruth from a pill overdose, helps each woman discover a life worth living.

Ruth is intrigued by Billy (Judy Reyes), whose life is vastly different from her own. Although Billy is at first resistant to accepting aid, she eventually opens up and helps Ruth understand ?just as Goyen understood?that many of the homeless are regular people who merely have fallen on hard times or endured crippling personal tragedies. To the dismay of her daughter and neighbors, Ruth is inspired by Billy and opens up the mansion to many more who are homeless.

Photos: Reisig and Taylor/Hallmark Channel
? 2005 Crown Media United States, LLC

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