"Everybody Loves Raymond" may have ended but that doesn't mean we can't keep on loving the cast of Raymond!

Keep up to date on what Patricia Heaton and the rest of the 'Raymond' cast have lined up for the future.

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Inside the Writers Room Events                                           

Everybody Loves Raymond's show creator Phil Rosenthal, and the hilarious writing team of Everybody Loves Raymond go on the road to talk to fans about the writers' room, their home lives and show clips of how those lives ended up in the show.

Tour Dates                                                                 

Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort
Friday, August 17th, 2007
Saturday, August 18th, 2007
Sunday, August 19th, 2007

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About Phil Rosenthal
Phil Rosenthal has been the creator/executive producer of "Everybody Loves Raymond" since 1996. He was nominated for a Best Writing Emmy with Ray Romano in 2000 for "Bad Moon Rising" and again in 2002 for his script, "The Angry Family."

Rosenthal has the distinction of having directed President Bill Clinton in the White House Correspondents Dinner video, which was shown to wide acclaim at the April, 2000 event. He co-wrote the "America: A Tribute to Heroes" telethon which aired on all four networks, won a Peabody Award and an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing. Rosenthal won the 2002 Writers Guild Award for Excellence in Television Writing for his script, "Italy."

Rosenthal's early credits include series "Man In The Family" and "A Family For Joe." He was a supervising producer on "Down the Shore" and on "Coach," where he also honed his directing chops. He recently had a movie cameo appearance as Adam Sandler's sous chef, in "Spanglish".

Phil Rosenthal was born in Queens, raised in Rockland, N.Y., and attended Hofstra University on Long Island. Starting out as an actor in New York, Rosenthal also wrote and directed before relocating to Los Angeles in search of more acting opportunities.

Phil Rosenthal lives in Los Angeles, with his wife, actress Monica Horan (who plays Amy on "Everybody Loves Raymond"), and their two children. His birthday is January 27.

About the Writer
Tom Caltabiano, Co-Executive Producer
Tom met Ray Romano while they were stand-up comedians together in New York. In l996, he moved to Los Angeles with Ray and since then has been a writer on the show. Tom is credited as the photographer for "Everybody Loves Raymond: Our Family Album" that was released in 2004.

Leslie Caveny, Supervising Producer
Leslie joined the "Raymond" writing staff last season. She began her career as an actress and is also a published playwright. Her television credits include "Mad About You," "News Radio" and "The Naked Truth." She recently had an original screenplay
optioned by Reese Witherspoon.

Tucker Cawley, Executive Producer
Tucker won the 2003 Emmy Award for writing for his episode "Baggage." He began his writing career on "Raymond" in its first season.

  Mike Royce, Co-Executive Producer
Before joining the "Raymond" staff in l999, Mike was a stand-up comedian based in New York, appearing on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" as well as assorted cable comedy shows. He's written for "Spin City," MTV, and helped Ray Romano write his book "Everything and a Kite."

Lew Schneider, Executive Producer
Lew began as a stand-up comedian and actor before becoming a television writer. In the fall of 1989, he landed his first regular TV job as the host of the Nickelodeon game show, "Make The Grade." He starred in several sitcoms including "Wish You Were Here" and "Down The Shore." He began writing for television in 1993, and his credits include "The George Wendt Show," "The John Larroquette Show" and "The Naked Truth." Lew began writing for "Raymond" in its first season.

Mike Scully, Co-Executive Producer
Mike joined the "Raymond" staff last season. Previously, he was a writer/producer on "The Simpsons" for ten years, and ran the show for four years. He won 6 Emmys for "The Simpsons." He then co-created "The Pitts" for Fox. He's currently co-writing the
"Simpsons" movie and a pilot for ABC.

Aaron Shure, Co-Executive Producer
Besides being a television writer whose credits include "George & Leo," Aaron is a trained circus clown. He has been a karaoke host, a public radio commentator and street performer. He even performed a "Stupid Human Trick" on Letterman and worked as an entertainer in the petting zoo at Knott's Berry Farm.

Steve Skrovan, Executive Producer
Steve began as a stand-up comedian and actor in New York City. His credits include hosting a talk show on MTV, a hidden camera show on Fox and a dog show on the Family channel. After making the transition to writing, he wrote for "Seinfeld" and a variety of sketch comedy, animation and cable shows. Steve has been a writer on "Raymond" since the first season.

Jeremy Stevens, Executive Producer
Jeremy has been with the show since its inception. His early television credits include co-creating "The Electric Company" for which he received an Emmy, "Fernwood 2-Nite" and "Saturday Night Live." He was also a writer on "Dear John" and "Coach."

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